Terms & Conditions


  1. All Above Price are stated in SIT-IN-COACH BASIC, for special request to private coach are subject to availability and chargeable, for more details please refer to our Tour Operator.
  2. Special for incentive Group with Minimum 20 persons & Above, require for skip destination such as Chinese Temple, Buddhist temple or any tourist attraction or change arrival/departure ferry schedule which indicate in the itinerary are subject to request in advance before arrival and chargable.
  3. Special fr incentive Group with Minimum 20 persons & Above, to change the arrival / Departure Ferry timing can be request and subject to availability.
  4. Special for Incentive Group with Minimum 20 Persons & Above, request to SKIP Bengkong Dry Market, Chocolate House, Pineapple Cake, Superheroes will be chargeable of SGD 3.00/pax/destination.



All rate is Quoted in SINGAPORE DOLLAR and Non Coommisionable and subject to change with prior notice.

All Rate are Strictly for SINGAPORE MARKET ONLY.



No refund will be given for any unused service during the tour.



  • GIT Cancellation must be made at least 7(seven) days before arrival, otherwise 50% cancellation fee will be imposed.
  • FIT Cancellation must be made at least 48 Hours before arrival, otherwise hotel cancellation fee will be imposed.
  • Cancellation Charge will be imposed if passenger change departure time after the ferry operator has issued the boarding pass.
  • Cancellation will be charge S$3.00/boarding pass.



in the peak season, operator requires Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) and or compulsory dinner, the additional cost will be advised and charged upon booking.



All Clients with credit facilities approved by. P.T. DESINDO SUKSES WISATAMA TOURS & TRAVEL should hand a voucher and should be handed to our guide upon arrival for invoicing.



Payment in full for all charges must be settled upon arrival, in cash or by bank draft, unless separate written credit arrangement have been determined by both parties to this agreement. In cash of credit granted, payment must be made within 07 (seven) days after invoicing.

All deposite or prepayment should be in the form of cheque, Bank draft or Bank/ Telegraphic Transfer and addressed to P.T. DESINDO SUKSES WISATAMA TOURS & TRAVEL



1. Passengers must ensure that his passport is valid for entry at the country of destination for at least six months prior to departure.

2. Passengers shall comply with all travel and immigration requirements necessary in the country of destination and shall, if necessary, obtain all necessary visas, Multiple visa, licences, print out return air ticket, work permits card, passes certificates or documents whether for health, immigration, customs or other purposes at his own cost and responsibility.

3. No temporary passport to be allow to entry to Indonesia, Any or ALL country temporary passport are need to apply visa at embassy before departure date.

4. Any or all country passport : Laissez passer, Titre de voyage ( refuge ) passport, travel document, document of identity, certificate of identity, alien passport, alien travel document, emergency travel document, emergency passport, temporary passport, BRITISH Overseas Territories Citizen, British National ( overseas ), British Overseas citizens, British subject, British protected person = are not allow to entry to Indonesia. Must apply visa at embassy before departure.

5. No passage fares will be refunded in the event a passengers is refused embarkation or entry into a country of destination by reason of his failure to obtain and/or possess a valid passport or other necessary documents or approvals.





With effect from 1st August 2005, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will be implanting changes to its Visa Policy as follows.



Visa-free facility will be granted for a duration of 30 (thirty) days for the countries listed below :

1. Albania

57. Greece

113. Papua New Guinea

 2. Algeria

58. Grenada

114. Peru

 3. Andorra

59. Guatemala

115. Philippines

 4. Angola

60. Guyana

116. Poland

 5. Antigua and Barbadu

61. Haiti

117. Portugal

 6. Argentina

62. Honduras

118. Puerto Rico

 7. Armenia

63. Hong Kong

119. Qatar

 8. Australia

64. Hungary

120. Romania

 9. Austria

65. Iceland

121. Russia

10. Azerbaijan

66. India

122. Rwanda

11. Bahamas

67. Ireland

123. Saint Kitts and Nevis

12. Bahrain

68. Italy

124. Saint Lucia

13. Bangladesh

69. Ivory Coast

125. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

14. Barbados

70. Jamaica

126. Samoa

15. Belarus

71. Japan

127. San Marino

16. Belgium

72. Jordan

128. Sao Tome and Principe

17. Belize

73. Kazakhstan

129. Saudi Arabia

18. Benin

74. Kenya

130. Senegal

19. Bhutan

75. Kiribati

131. Serbia

20. Bolivia

76. Kuwait

132. Seychelles

21. Bosnia Herzegovina

77. Kyrgyzstan

133. Singapore

22. Botswana

78. Latvia

134. Slovakia

23. Brazil

79. Laos

135. Slovenia

24. Brunei Darussalam

80. Lebanon

136. Solomon Islands

25. Bulgaria

81. Lesotho

137. South Africa



138. South Korea

27. Burundi

83. Luxembourg

139. Spain

28. Cambodia

84. Macao (SAR)

140. Sri Lanka

29. Canada

85. Macedonia

141. Suriname

30. Cape Verde

86. Madagascar

142. Swaziland

31. Chad

87. Malawi

143. Sweden

32. Chile

88. Malaysia

144. Switzerland

33. China

89. Maldives

145. Taiwan

34. Comoros

90. Mali

146. Tajikistan

35. Costa Rica

91. Malta

147. Tanzania

36. Croatia

92. Marshall Islands

148. Thailand

37. Cuba

93. Mauritius

149. Netherlands

38. Cyprus

94. Mauritania

150. Timor Leste

39. Czech Rep

95. Mexico

151. Togo

40. Dominica

96. Moldavia

152. Tonga

41. Denmark

97. Mongolia

153. Trinidad and Tobago

42. Dominican Republic

98. Monaco

154. Tunisia

43. Ecuador

99. Morocco

155. Turkey

44. Egypt



45. Ecuador

101. Myanmar

157. Tuvalu

46. England

102. Namibia

158. Uganda

47. El Salvador

103. Nauru

159. Ukraine

48. Estonia

104. Nepal

160. UAE

49. Fiji


161. USA

50. Finland

106. Nicaragua

162. Uruguay

51. France

107. Norway

163. Uzbekistan

52. Gabon

108. Oman

164. Vanuatu

53. Georgia

109. Palau

165. Vatican

54. Gambia

110. Palestine

166. Venezuela

55. Germany

111. Paraguay

167. Vietnam

56. Ghana

112. Panama

168. Zambia

169. Zimbabwe

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